Protective treatment against the oxidation of blades in exchangers (Antioxidant protector)

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AIR PROTECT sp is a synthetic coating that can be applied to the fins of heat exchangers. It provides protection against oxidation in harsh atmospheric environments, such as those found in marine environments, areas with high levels of dust, and regions with acid rain. By using AIR PROTECT sp, you can maintain the efficiency of your system and extend its useful life. The coating creates a super thin film that covers the surface of the exchangers, allowing for optimal heat exchange.
How to use
To effectively remove scale and whitish powder (alumina) from aluminum fins, use our product to degrease the affected areas. Before applying the product, ensure that the fins are thoroughly rinsed with water and allowed to dry. When applying the product, spray it at a distance of approximately 25-30 cm to create a thin and even layer on the fins.
400 ml aerosol.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 90 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Aerosol
Color -> Colorless
Weight -> Min. 394 g/Max. 403 g
Conductivity -> Non-conductive
Resistance -> 10 ^ 12 ohms (ASTM D257 standard)
Qualitative composition
Acrylic polymers
Solvents and propellants


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