Scale and corrosion inhibitor for closed recirculating circuits

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TRACAL AX NF is a blend of corrosion inhibitors that have been specifically designed to provide effective protection for all metals commonly found in closed recirculating systems. By using this product, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment, prevent contamination of your processes, and avoid losses caused by corrosion. Additionally, TRACAL AX NF is safe to use with rubber and other non-metallic materials in your system, and is fully compatible with antifreeze.
How to use
To introduce the product into the circuit, it is necessary to use the expansion tank. If the total volume is not known, it is recommended to add the product gradually and monitor the pH until it reaches the optimal value.

The recommended dose is 1.5% of the supply water, which should result in a pH of 7 in the circuit. The product comes with an indicator dye that changes color when it is no longer effective, making it easy to see when it needs to be replaced.
REF: 50217501 :
1 liter bottles.
Boxes of 12 units.
Full pallets 32 boxes.

REF: 50217510 :
5 liter bottles.
Boxes of 4 units.
Full pallets 32 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Clear Liquid
Color -> Pink
Density -> Min. 1.114 / Max. 1.137
pH 1% -> 7
pH 100% -> 7 - 9
Bulk Material -> 10.9
Qualitative composition
Corrosion Inhibitors
Chelating Agents
Dispersing Agents
Distilled water


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