Air conditioning components cleaner degreaser (condenser coils)

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AIR SERNET is a powerful cleaning solution that is non-acidic and can be diluted with water. It is specifically designed for maintaining and cleaning all types of air conditioning equipment, and can significantly improve the efficiency of heating and cooling units. This product effectively removes dust, grease, and oil deposits that commonly accumulate in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, making it an ideal solution for the refrigeration industry.
How to use
To effectively clean the equipment, the product should be mixed with water at a ratio of 1:10. The amount of water needed may vary depending on the state of the equipment. After spraying the mixture, let it sit for 5 minutes to allow it to penetrate the dirt. Rinse the equipment with water, but avoid using pressure as the product has strong entrainment power. It is important to ensure that the equipment is completely dry before starting it up, as the product is water-based.
REF: 10199501 :
1 litre bottle.
12 bottle box.
Complete pallet of 32 units.

REF: 10199505 :
5 litre containers.
Boxes of 4 units.
Complete pallets of 32 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Clear Liquid
Color -> Greenish Yellow
Density -> Min. 1.042/Max. 1.062
pH 1% -> 10 - 11
Qualitative composition
Non-ionic surfactants


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