Bacteriological powder for cleaning drains and for treating waste water

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Waste materials in drains and sewage systems are mostly organic compounds found in food, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers. The distribution of this organic waste is determined by bacteria, which can be classified into two groups: aerobic and anaerobic. Both types of bacteria are necessary for the digestion and decomposition of waste in systems that require both the presence and absence of air.

The waste materials consist primarily of insoluble solids or colloidal suspensions that cannot be broken down by bacteria. Enzymes, which are protein biocatalysts produced by all living cells, are needed to solubilize this solid waste outside of bacterial cells.

Modern food preparation methods are designed to sterilize and eliminate bacteria and enzymes from food, and many detergents contain strong alkalis and bactericides. FOSEC ZYMA is a product designed to supplement the low levels of enzymes and bacterial flora in today’s waste. It contains enzymes, as well as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, that can clean plumbing systems by digesting organic obstructions and accelerating the natural biological process of breaking down organic material in private homes and municipal cleaning systems.

FOSEC ZYMA contains several types of enzymes, including amylases, which break down starch; proteases, which direct proteins; lipases, which break down fats; and cellulolytic enzymes, which help eliminate cellulose fibers that often obstruct pipes. FOSEC ZYMA also contains activators, which increase the activity of the enzymes, and humidifying agents, which increase the contact between the enzymes and waste materials.
How to use
To clean drains in high-rise buildings, it is recommended to start at the lowest level and work your way up floor-by-floor. Starting at the highest level can cause an increased flow rate that may flood lower levels.

Septic systems rely on bacteria to break down solid waste before it is directed out of the tank. However, modern homes often put too much strain on these systems, leading to insufficient bacterial action and the discharge of solid waste into the drain field. This can reduce the efficiency of the field. FOSEC ZYMA is a treatment that can help reestablish an efficient mode of operation in a septic system by providing additional bacteria and a suitable environment for their growth. Weekly treatment with FOSEC ZYMA can ensure adequate drainage and efficient waste treatment.

FOSEC ZYMA has been successfully used in various applications, including poultry farms, oxidation ponds, and slaughterhouses. In poultry farms, FOSEC ZYMA can rapidly decrease carrion and eliminate bad smells during the decomposition process. In overloaded oxidation ponds, FOSEC ZYMA can increase oxidation and eliminate bad odors, making the water suitable for agricultural use. In slaughterhouses, FOSEC ZYMA mixed with Pancreatic Lipase 250 can reduce cleaning costs by 50-75% by preventing clogging and overflow in the pits.
Aluminium bag 1 kg.
Box of 10 bags.
Pysical Properties
Shape -> Fluid Powders
Color -> Light Brown
Odor -> Characteristic
pH -> 7
Specific Gravity -> 0.51 g/cm3
Ponds -> 0.6 kg/50 m3 (every 2 weeks)
Sewage Pits -> 1 - 1.5 g/kg
Slurry Pits -> 1.0 kg/50 m3
Grease Traps -> 3.75 g/litre (weekly)
Septic Tanks -> 30 g/m3
Qualitative composition


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