Liquid bacteriological compound, for the cleaning of drains and for the treatment of waste water

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FOSEC ZYMA L a highly effective solution for the degradation of organic waste. This innovative product contains a carefully selected range of Bacillus strains that are particularly effective in controlling odors, eliminating sump build-up, maintaining septic tanks, and deodorizing urinals and sinks.

One of the key benefits of FOSEC ZYMA L is its long half-life, thanks to its sporulated culture. The spores remain dormant until the product is introduced to an environment with organic waste. Once activated, the bacterial enzymes produced during the growth of the strains accelerate the digestion and breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, celluloses, and fats.

The Bacillus strains included in FOSEC ZYMA L demonstrate a high growth capacity in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. Additionally, this product is completely compatible with the environment, as it is neither pathogenic nor corrosive. FOSEC ZYMA L is an authorized product containing Class I (non-pathogenic) micro-organisms.
How to use
FOSEC ZYMA L is a mixture of bacterial cultures and microbial nutrients that effectively digest organic waste and eliminate odors. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly. It contains specially selected bacterial strains that break down proteins, starches, cellulose, animal and vegetable fats, and other organic solids. Regular use of FOSEC ZYMA L establishes a colony of bacteria that acts as a continuous waste-digesting system, preventing the accumulation of sludge and other organic materials. It reduces the need for extractor pumps and eliminates bad odors in septic systems.

For regular maintenance, dose 5 litres of FOSEC ZYMA L monthly for every 2000 litres of tank capacity or for every 5 people who use the system. To treat systems with problems, initially dose between 10 and 20 litres for every 2000 litres of capacity or for every 5 people using the system. Problems should be reduced within 10 to 14 days; if necessary, repeat the initial treatment.

FOSEC ZYMA L is also suitable for the maintenance of grease retention chambers and drainage systems. It breaks down fats and organic waste, eliminating bad odors and preventing blockages. For drainage systems, add FOSEC ZYMA L manually or through a timed dispenser connected to the drain tube after the siphon. At a rate of 50 ml each day in each drain. To improve results, add the product at a time when you have the maximum time to work, at the time of least industrial activity. For fat retention chambers, add 5-10 litres of FOSEC ZYMA L directly to the retention chamber according to capacity or through the drainage system.

FOSEC ZYMA L is also effective at removing bad odors and stains caused by animal waste on carpets and blankets. To use, remove as much of the odor-causing material as possible. Apply FOSEC ZYMA L diluted to 5%, previously heated to about 40 °C, directly on the stain by means of a sprayer. Allow the product to work for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. It is recommended to do a corner test before final application.
5 litre containers.
Boxes of 4 units.
Complete pallets of 32 boxes.

10 litre containers.
Complete pallets of 80 units.

30 litre containers.
Complete pallets of 24 units.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Yellow Liquid
Odor -> Not Present
pH (20 °C) -> 7
Density -> 1.00 g/ml
Bacterial Count -> 70 million cfu/ml +/- 30%
Type of Microorganism -> Multiple Strains of The Genus Bacillus
Salmonella -> Absence
Qualitative composition
Ph effective range – 5.5 – 9.0
Temp effective range – 5° – 50 °C
Bacterial Activity – Facultative Anaerobes (Growth in the presence or not of oxygen)
Enzyme production – Amylases, proteases, lipases, ureases, cellulases
Type of surfactants – Non-Ionic (Complies with EU legislation)


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