Copper aerosol anti-seize grease

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This electrically conductive grease is made up of tiny copper particles that have been micronized and enclosed in an organic matrix. It is also fortified with corrosion inhibitors, making it resistant to chemicals and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, it is not affected by vibrations and will not deteriorate over time, even under extreme conditions. It does not disperse in water or vapor and can be applied in temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 1200 °C.
How to use
To use the product, spray a small amount onto the surface from a distance of 20-25 cm. Allow a few moments for the solvents to evaporate before assembling the treated parts.
400 ml aerosol can.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 105 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Aerosol
Color -> copper
Density -> 0.672 g/cm3
Odor -> Characteristic
Qualitative composition
Mix of isomers
Phosphorodithioic acid


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