Gloss galvanizing quick dry, cold spray

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This compound is made up of zinc and adherent resins, and it is designed to prevent and stop oxidation on all types of steel and iron. The final film contains 95% pure zinc, which ensures that the surface is protected. If there are any incidental scratches, an insoluble zinc oxide coating will form to protect the metal base. This compound provides an elastic and durable film that prevents the passage of radiation and heat. It dries quickly and does not contain any chlorinated solvents or other highly toxic solvents. It has excellent anticorrosive effects and can electrochemically adhere to all kinds of metals. It also has good adhesion to most plastic materials and high resistance against aggressive media, dilute acids, and low concentration soda. This compound protects metal surfaces against corrosion and can be applied without sealing afterwards. It is heat resistant up to 200°C after just 30 minutes.
How to use
To prepare the surface, remove any rust, grease, or paint residue. Shake the aerosol can thoroughly and spray from a distance of 15-20 cm until the surface is evenly coated. Once you have finished spraying, turn the can upside down and spray again to prevent the nozzle from clogging.
400 ml aerosol can.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 105 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Binder -> Ketone
Color -> Metallic Silver
Viscosity -> 33-36 sec. Ford Cup No. 2 at 20 °C
Density -> 0.87 - 0.91 g/cc
Number of Coats -> 2 Coats to Achieve 40 microns
Theoretical Performance -> 8 m2 to 10 m2
Dry to Touch -> 4-6 min. at 20 °C
Qualitative composition
Ketone Resins
Metallic powders


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