Penetrating oil, lubricating oil, lubricant and deoxidizer. Food safe

FLODUR sp NSF is a product designed for the food industry that contains components to unblock, deoxidize, and lubricate. It is particularly useful for activities where rust and corrosion can affect mechanisms. The product works by utilizing its powerful penetrating and deoxidizing action to unblock elements seized by rust, protecting friction surfaces with specific extreme pressure lubricants, and penetrating deep to remove rust while preventing corrosion and oxidation of treated parts. These combined characteristics make it easier to work with elements located in difficult places while protecting them from subsequent oxidation, ultimately saving time and effort. FLODUR sp NSF is made from paraffinic oils that comply with USP qualities.
How to use
Spray the blocked or oxidized elements or surfaces that need protection. Wait a few seconds for the special additives to work their magic, then proceed to unblock or polish the affected areas. If you want to protect rust-free parts or surfaces, spray generously to ensure effective action against rust and corrosion.
400 ml aerosol can.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 90 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Approximate Aerosol Weight -> 378 g
Qualitative composition
Medicinal oil


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