Grease and adhesive cleaner

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This is a specialized cleaner designed for removing greases, adhesives, and resins commonly found in the automotive and industrial sectors. It is safe to use on metal components, but may cause slight damage to certain types of plastics, particularly polyethylene. This cleaner is effective for cleaning various materials, including utensils and surfaces, that have been contaminated with grease, adhesives, and resins.
How to use
To use the spray, hold it about 30 cm away from the surface. If needed, you can also use a brush or a dry cloth to help remove any remaining adhesives or resins. Let the product sit for a few minutes to soften the residue, then wipe it away with a cloth. If there is still residue left, you can repeat the process as needed.
400 ml aerosol can.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 90 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Color -> Gadner Scale No. 1 (UNE 48048)
Density -> Min. 0.97/Max. 1.02
Viscosity -> At 20 °C 0,94 °e (Engler) (UN 7030)
Flash Point -> (Closed cup) Liquid Boils Before Igniting
Distillation -> Final 170°C
Water Content -> (Karl Fischer) 0.0003 g/l
Approximate Weight -> 453 g
Qualitative composition
Solvent mix
Ecological propellant


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