Oil for threading and drilling, in aerosol

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This is a synthetic cutting oil that offers exceptional lubrication. It is specifically designed to function as a coolant for jobs that require a high level of lubricity. Being synthetic, it is completely safe, free from organic decomposition, and non-irritating to users. Its transparency ensures complete visibility during work. This product contains a high concentration of EP additives, which are released effectively in the cutting area. This prevents microchips from welding onto the tool's edge, thereby extending the tool's lifespan and providing machined parts with an optimal surface finish.
How to use
This is a type of oil that is a pure additive and has a minimal impact on the environment.
400 ml aerosol.
Boxes of 12 units.
Complete pallets of 90 boxes.
Pysical Properties
Qualitative composition
Paraffinic Oils
Additives E.P.


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