Scented, silicone-based multipurpose (cleaner, polish and polish)

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This product is an invisible coating that provides a protective micro-layer for surfaces. It is specifically designed for glass and vitrified materials, and it helps to clean and preserve them. By using this coating, you can significantly reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs. It is easy to apply, harmless, and does not generate toxic fumes or damage treated surfaces. Additionally, it is long-lasting and repels dust and dirt, making it an effective antistatic for electrically charged surfaces.
How to use
To use the pure product, spray it onto the surface you want to treat and then spread it evenly using a dry cloth or chamois. If you're cleaning glass, it's recommended that you dilute the product with water at a 1:1 ratio.
5 litre containers.
Boxes of 4 units.
Complete pallets of 32 boxes.

10 litre containers.
Complete pallets of 80 units.

25 litre containers.
Complete pallets of 24 units.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Opaque Liquid
Color -> White
Specific Gravity -> Min. 0.95/Max. 1.05
pH 1% -> 6.5
pH 100% -> 7
Solid State -> 5.4 %
Qualitative composition


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