Ice remover. Prevents dust on dirt roads

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ARENSEC HP is a powerful solution that can withstand freezing temperatures below -50°C when mixed with 30% water. Its exothermic properties generate heat instantly, making it an ideal product for melting ice and protecting surfaces from dust. Its three unique properties, including its highly hygroscopic nature, exothermic dissolution, and low freezing point, make it an effective anti-humidity and anti-dust solution for closed areas, warehouses, and premises. It can be used in various settings, including tennis courts, fronton courts, camping trails, and cold rooms, where ice, humidity, or dust is a problem. Additionally, it does not harm plants.
How to use
An 800 g quantity of product is sufficient to melt ice covering an area of 10 m2. For anti-humidity purposes, one kg of product is enough to cover a surface area of 10 m3. To combat dust, one kg of product is enough for every 5 m2 of previously wet surfaces. This product is free of sodium chloride and does not cause harm to materials such as wood, cement, paints, asphalt, and rubbers.
25 litre bucket.
Complete pallets of 24 units.
Pysical Properties
Appearance -> Flaky
Color -> Pinkish White
Exothermicity -> 90 kg of plug per kg
Flammability -> Non-Flammable
Toxicity -> Non-Toxic
Density -> Min. 0.75 - Max. 0.85
pH 10 % -> 8.25
Qualitative composition


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