Loosener, grease oil. Deoxidant lubricant

FLODUR sp is active and energetic anti-seize agent, essential in all those activities in which there are mechanisms affected by rust and corrosion. Its operation is based on the following characteristics:
-Deoxidant: Penetrates deep removing rust. Its special antioxidant additives prevent corrosion and oxidation of the treated parts.
-Deblocking: Its strong penetrating and deoxidizing action allows the instant unlocking of the elements locked by rust .
-Lubricant: It protects the surfaces of friction by specific extreme pressure lubricants.
Its combined features allows to unlock and work with elements located in difficult places protecting them of a possible subsequent oxidation, that saves effort and time in your work.Based on paraffinbased oils with USP quality, complying with the quality of pharmacopoeia and lubricant agents and anticorrosive.
Its multi-position valve makes possible to spray in any position.

Blocked, oxidized or surfaces to be protected are thoroughly sprayed. Wait a few seconds to complete the combined action of your special additives and proceed to unlocking or polishing the affected areas. For the protection of parts or surfaces free from rust, spray thoroughly, ensuring an effective action against rust and corrosion.

Type of packaging  :
400 ml spray

Nº article: 101500
Industrial Register: 154069
Review / Data: 02 / February / 2017

Medicinal oil
Approximate spray weight – 378 gr.



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