The dilutions for their sanitizing nature, do not ferment when utilized, avoiding the consequent problems and significantly improving the hygiene in workshops.
It has been formulated for machine cutting of any type of material: steel, cast iron, etc. It is especially recommended for lathe, milling machine, sawing, threading and reaming, in general all the work or process that produces shavings.
Excellent stability of emulsions between values of 5-70ºHF of hardness of a maximum of 700 ppm of chlorides.
It has a great lubricant power in extremely difficult machining operations, increasing the life of cutting tools, obtaining excellent surface superficial finish of machined parts.
It does not contain any Chlorine compounds, Nitrites, Heavy metals, Phenols, secondary amines, etc. Or any product that can generate residues. The product can be considered residue generator of easy treatment.

It is a special cutting fluid for the grinding and machining of medium severity, such as: Turning, milling, drilling, etc., of steel and stainless steel. The product is capable of working aluminum and yellow metals. High cooling power, which can replace pure cutting oils in many applications, these emulsions are also suitable for use in individual machines and especially suitable for centralized installations, numerical control, due to their great stability and durability.
Guidance :
* Rectified ………………………. 4-6%
* Machining …………………….. 6-10%

To prepare the dilutions it is necessary to use potable water of a hardness between 5 and 70ºHF and that the content does not exceed 700 gr / l of chlorides.
Note : To dilute the product, pour the product over the water and never the other way around.

Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children Avoid contact with skin and eyes. For more information see our safety data sheet available for our customers.

Type of packaging  :
5-10-30-60 Liters format jerrycan.

Nº article: 101245
Industrial Register: 154069
Review / Data: 17 / November / 2016

Nature : Mineral oil, clean liquid
Colour : Red-pink
Content nitrites and chlorine : Exempt
Density : 0,98 gr/cc DIN 51757
PH pure (5% in water) : 9,0-9,2
Flash point : >150ºC DIN ISO 2592
Sparkling : Nil from hared wáter 5ºHF
Corrosion shavings (IP287) : Null 4% water 40ºHF 300ppm CI
Emulsion concentration control : By acid cutting, alkalinity or refractometer. (Reading x 0,92=concentration).

Mineral oils
Lubricants EP additives


The suggestions and recommendations on the use of our products meet our most knowledge at the time of writing this data sheet. We are not responsible for any possible negligence in handling. Compliance with all laws, including those in the protection of industrial property rests solely with the users of our products.