Disinfectant dertergent. Registration No. D.G.S.P. 12-20-04313 HA

Slightly alkaline product, with triple detergent, disinfectant and deodorizing action. Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of walls, equipment, utensils and surfaces where, bacteria produce bad odors and infections. Suitable for dairy industry, cutting plants, slaughterhouses and lorries, etc. Approval registration number in the Ministry of Health and Consumption for Food Industry No. 12- 20-04313 HA.

Biocidal efficacy tests.
According to Standard EN 1276 after 5 minutes at 20 ° C with aqueous bovine albumin solution 0.3 g / l:
* Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATTCC 15442 (2%)
* Scherichia coli ATTCC 10536 (2%)
* Staphylococcus aureus ATTCC 6538 (2%)
* Enterococcus hirae ATTCC 8043 (2%)

The results indicate that concentrations of 2% are sufficient to disinfect and should be increased to wash and disinfect. Doses of 2.5 and 4% perfectly meet all applications. For food use, it is necessary to clarify.

Type of packaging  :
5 Liters format Jerrycan

Nº article: 101952
Industrial Register: 154069
Review / Data: 04 / April / 2019

Appearance : Transparent liquid
Colour : Blue
Density : Min. 0,95 / Max. 1,05
pH 100% : Min 11,90 – Max 12,1.

Less than 5% edta.
Nonionic surfactants
Cationic surfactants (quaternary ammonium)


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