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NEUTRAL HYDROALCOHOLIC HAND GEL PROPERTIES  :Sanitizing gel for hands for daily use. It guarantees perfect hygiene in the hands without the need for soap or water at any time of the day.Just a small amount of gel in the palm of the hand and rub lightly until it evaporates. Leaves hands clean and soft. Product […]

WATER TREATMENT FOR STEAM BOILERS PROPERTIES  :Product of the latest generation in water treatment for steam boiler feed.Its correct application stabilizes 100% of calcium, magnesium, silica and iron inside the boiler, allowing its elimination through the purge. It completely prevents scale, keeping the exchange surfaces clean.It increases the performance of the facilities with the consequent […]

ANTIESPUMANTE FOR CLOSED WATER CIRCUITS PROPERTIES  :High efficiency antifoam product based on dimethylpolysiloxane in aqueous emulsion. Very economical because of its high concentration. APPLICATIONS :For foam control in aqueous media. Efficient at both acidic and alkaline pH. DOSAGE :It depends on the specific case. For guidance purposes, doses between 0.1 and 1 gram per liter […]

CONCENTRATED PURE ANTI-FREEZE –60ºC DILUABLE PRODUCT PROPERTIES  :Coolant formulated to prevent freezing in closed cooling circuits subjected to temperatures up to –18ºC. Contains in its formulation corrosion and foam inhibitors, which keep the circuit in perfect condition. APPLICATIONS :It applies to all kinds of closed circuits subjected to minimum temperatures of up to –18ºC and […]

CONCENTRATED PURE ANTI-FREEZE –60ºC DILUABLE PRODUCT PROPERTIES  :TRACAL AC is a concentrated antifreeze liquid specially indicated to protect against cold temperatures any type of closed cooling circuit, reaching its protection up to -60ºC. APPLICATIONS :Empty the circuit and rinse with water several times in order to eliminate all the residues that are inside the system […]

PURE PROPYLENE GLYCOL FOOD GRADE CONCENTRATE – 60ºC, DILUTABLE PRODUCT PROPERTIES  :PROPYLENE GLYCOL is a high purity product that helps to ensure the quality and performance desired in food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other various low-toxicity applications. Propylene glycol USP is an excellent solvent for many organic chemicals substances insolubles in water. It is […]

CONCENTRATED PURE PROPYLENGLYCOL –60ºC, DILUABLE PRODUCT PROPERTIES  :PROPYLENE GLYCOL is a high purity product that helps ensure the desired quality and performance in food, beverages, cosmetics pharmaceutical products and other diverse applications of low toxicity. Propylene Glycol is an excellent solvent for many water-insoluble organic chemicals. It is a clear, colorless, slightly viscous liquid, completely […]

INTEGRAL TREATMENT FOR POOLS IN PADS, CHLORINE + ALGUICIDE + FLOCULATING PROPERTIES  :Special product for pools that concentrates three actions, such as hygiene, destruction of algae, and flocculation. APPLICATIONS :Once the start-up treatment has been carried out and the pH adjusted between 7.2-7.6 as well as the chlorine levels between 0.6-1.0 ppm (gr / m3). […]

PURE MONOETHYLENGLYCOL –60ºC, DILUABLE PRODUCT PROPERTIES  :Monoethylene Glycol is a transparent, hygroscopic and practically odorless liquid. It is used in the manufacture of polyester fiber, PET and polyester resin, as well as antifreeze liquid.RELEVANT IDENTIFIED USES OF THE SUBSTANCE OR MIXTURE AND DISABLED USES. INDUSTRIAL AND PROFESSIONAL USES :Substance manufacturing Use as intermediate. Use in […]

CONCENTRATE DESCALER FOR WATER SYSTEMS PROPERTIES  :Descaler concentrate. Highly inhibited to ensure an effective protection of the installations. High penetration power, softening and vehiculation of sediments, incrustations and other residues. APPLICATION :It is applied for descaling in the industry in general, descaling of heating, refrigeration, boilers, radiators, air conditioning , condensers, exchangers installations. It can […]